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Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching Student Research Journal 2021/22

“Ecce Homo Sacer” – Transgender Necropolitics: The Punitive, Precarious, and Perilous Experiences of Queer Bodies

This piece is a theoretical engagement with existing literature on transgender rights. It utilises Achille Mbembe's theoretical framework of 'Necropolitics' to trace the manners by which transgender individuals are segregated into their own 'death worlds' by means of legislation, medical practice, and law enforcement.

Dicta Law Magazine 2020

Contributor to Dicta 2020: 'The Strong Man and the Law', an examination of Strong Men and how they circumvent legality, utilising President Rodrigo Duterte as a case study.

Bristol Social Science Review

As Editor-in-Chief of the Bristol Social Science Review, I publish a collated set of essays quarterly

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